Analyzing Bank Census Data

Determining which regions have a population most likely to sign up for House Loans

Start Date End Date Duration Members
02/08/2016 02/26/2016 1 week 4


Analysed Bank Census data and public census data to recommend a bank on clients that would subscribe to a house loan in Portugal.

Presentation Slides

Our slides are available here


The data we used is available at: ICS-UCI-EDU

Tools Used

Use Tool
Code Python
Prediction Logistic Regression


The biggest challenge was the data itself. We were given lots of data to "predict people that would subscribe to a long-term deposit" but the data was not even suited for that. We had to find a way and work around that problem.


I don't believe we made any big mistakes during this project. We did the best we could.


I enjoyed working with the team. We shared the struggle but also the fun of learning.


I acted as a coordinator in the group, making sure we all agreed on our plan of action and worked together.


There were minor conflicts within the team when we were figuring out how to estimate the number of people who would subscribe to a housing loan based on population for different regions of Portugal.

What would I do differently

Apart from not working with this data their isn't much else we could have done differently.