Building a Health Policy Matching Engine

April 23, 2016
What better way to match a user with a health policy than by predicting the user’s health in the future? An overview of the challenges we faced, the solutions we found and our vision.

Predicting Crime Propagation with Self-Exciting Point-Processes

April 8, 2016
Three children are not lying in a tub connected to a device in some government facility. We can’t predict murder at a specific time and location. However research has proven that we can make good predictions as to where crime is most likely going to happen in the city.

Building a New-York Times Article Recommendation Engine

March 11, 2016
What better way to learn Natural Language Processing then by using the New-York Times article API to build an article recommendation engine?

Analyzing Bank Census Data

March 8, 2016
Using bank census data and survey data on Portugal, we analyzed what regions would have the highest market for users that would sign up for a house loan.

Predicting Studio Quaterly Gross

March 5, 2016
What if you could predict micro-fluactuations of studio shares by predicting the quaterly gross of studios based on information you have on the movies they have already released and will release?

Analyzing MTA Turnstile Data to Strike more Effectively

January 25, 2016
For many French striking is practically an art-form and even a hobby, sadly... How can we analyze MTA turnstile data to get useful insight on the metro lines that are use the most in order to strike more effectively? :P

Kaggle - San Francisco Crime Classification

January 1, 2016
With hundreds of thousands of crimes recorded in San Francisco since 2003. Kaggle offered the chance to build a model capable of predicting what type of crime had taken place at a given time and place within the city. Our model was built using Deep Learning.

Audiveris - Open Music Scanner

Auvideris is an Open-Source Optical Music Recognition software. It's a cool tool with awesome applications so why not contribute and try and make it even more awesome?

Electrophone - CodeDayLA 2014

January 19, 2014
I've played the alto saxophone for 17 years now. I love it but the sound is strong and I can't play at night. Why can't I have an electronic saxophone? Why can't I turn my saxophone into an electronic instrument?

NFC - Attendance logger

Ever think of how much time is wasted taking student attendance? Or how students sign for their friends who don't show up? What if student key cards were used to log in as they walked into class? What if you could get real-time data on the students that are present or not in class?