Empowering the World with Data Science

david dupuis
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

Data Science cannot die. In fact, Data Science has existed even before we had a term to define it. So long as something is, there will be data about it and therefore data science will exist. In a nutshell, the Universe is one giant gold-mine of data.

On the other hand, data science as a job can only exist if someone is there to analyze it and use it. The way Booz Allen Hamilton puts it: "Data Science is the art of turning data into action.".

I am a Data Scientist and a Computer Scientist, even more sor I am a man with a personality, who has lived personal experiences who has traveled the world and who sees it in his own way. What I will do with this blog will be unique. I am not going to explain for the Nth time how data science algorithms work. In this blog I will discuss and share with you my various projects in data science, computer science and other domains. I will also share with you articles that I have and will write on various topics that interest me.

Whenever I explain something, I will try to be as a clear as possible and as visually pleasing as well. I will try to explain scientific facts in ways that anyone can understand.

As of now this blog is entirely hard coded in html, it's still an on-going project. I apologize if there are missing elements such as projects, or text. Soon I look forward to using Python to build a real static blog with Markdown files used for my articles and projects.